New Way of Sensing and Communcation

Autonomous Driving with V-Finder

Our innovative location tracking solution. Integrating cutting-edge Carrier Phase technology with 5G mobile communication, V-Finder is at the forefront of Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) applications. Designed to pinpoint the positions of vehicles and pedestrians within a one-mile radius, even when they are out of direct sight, V-Finder significantly enhances the safety measures for self-driving cars. Anticipate development completion  and launch in 2025.

How It Works

V-Finder revolutionizes positioning technology by combining Carrier Phase technology with 5G communication. Unlike radar and lidar, which can struggle with object identification over long distances or in adverse weather conditions, V-Finder’s precision and reliability remain consistent in all scenarios. This ensures that autonomous vehicles have the critical data needed for safer navigation and collision avoidance, making it a groundbreaking solution for future transportation systems

Radar/Lidar Signal Blocked by Objects

5G V2X Carrier Phase Signal 

Provide Solution for 5G V2X Positioning

Provide Solution for E911 Positioning

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V-Finder & Vehicle Safety


E911 Emergency Search

Current and Future Roadmap

Locaila's R&D is advancing V-Finder, aiming for completion in late 2024, with testing to follow. This technology promises to revolutionize autonomous navigation and smart city applications. By 2025, we plan to partner with automotive manufacturers, integrating V-Finder to enhance transportation safety and efficiency. 


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